Christians march peacefully through Quito

By October 13, 2015

Ecuador (MNN) — Recently in Ecuador’s capitol city of Quito, thousands of believers gathered for a peaceful march. Called “Marcha Para Jesus” (March for Jesus), it was meant to exalt Jesus. Through doing so, it brought together Christians from many different denominations, showing a unified church.

Ecuador2-Marcha-para-Jesus-October-2015-from-Mariqui-IMG_1467-1024x683Marchers wore white to represent peace, holiness, and their dedication to service and worship. The march was not meant to be political but a peaceful way for the church to show its concern about what’s happening in the country. Marcher Daza said, “We’re crying for the nation of Ecuador [here] and throughout Ecuador.”

Some may not know that Ecuador has been in an extreme period of unrest. Many new policies have been implemented, and there has been concern over the recent activity of the volcano, Cotopaxi located just south of Quito. If Cotopaxi were to erupt, it would endanger the lives of 325,000 people.

(Photo Courtesy Mariqui Atiaga Gonzalez)

(Photo Courtesy March for Jesus)

More so, the peace this march showed signifies the peace in Christ. Another marcher, Leonardo Gutierrez said, “ I believe it’s needed for people to find peace by getting closer to Jesus,” referring to the march. Pastor Alejandro Vizuente also said, “…this march is to exalt Jesus alone…putting His name at the highest. That’s our goal–that the name of Jesus may be lifted up.” What an incredible way to minister to a country which has recently seen many violent protests and marches.

Courtesy Photo from Wikipedia (La Carolina)

Wikipedia photo (La Carolina)

Marchers began their walk in El Ejiro and ended in the park, La Carolina. In all, the march was about two and a half miles long. A participating missionary with Reach Beyond, Judy Arnold said, “As far ahead as I looked, I could not see the beginning of the march, and when I looked behind us, I could not see the end of it either.”

Please be praying for the believers in Ecuador and the challenges they face.

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