Education: a gift freeing the poor

By April 18, 2016

International (MNN/FH) – For some, education is an overlooked privilege. For others, it is a gift they may have never thought possible.

(Photo Courtesy Food for the Hungry)

(Photo Courtesy Food for the Hungry)

Food for the Hungry recognizes how precious and life-changing knowledge is. In fact, it’s a vital tool in FH’s workbelt for combating poverty and creating community transformation.

Through education, doors open for kids. They earn vocational skills and continue learning.

In fact, for some areas where FH works, education is potentially the only resource with the ability to end poverty, or at least combat it.


The reason is simple. When children receive schooling, it changes the child’s life. Education ends the cycle of poverty. A lot of the time the training received quickly turns into income, because children now have valuable skills that can help them find employment.

(Photo courtesy FH)

(Photo courtesy FH)

The benefit of education doesn’t end there. Many children use their education to go on to universities, becoming leaders and professionals. Others are simultaneously trained in social skills that help them to better express themselves and solve problems. Many are involved in a holistic education approach that incorporates a biblical worldview, which impacts their place in eternity.

FH offers a learning experience which doesn’t just open doors physically, but spiritually.

Learn more about FH’s education support programs here.

The next time you find yourself, or someone else you know, wishing to not go to school, remember, education is a gift – not an obligation. Take advantage of it and then use it to help others.

FH_bolivia education

(Photo courtesy FH)

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