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By July 27, 2007

USA (MNN) — Of the hundreds of Christian radio programs, David Schuringa of Crossroad Bible Institute says the one they will soon air is unique. 

"We're not aware of any that have the niche of speaking out for people in need, people at risk, people in prison, people who are poor," said Schuringa. The program titled "Crossroad Connection" is sponsored by The Center for Advanced Studies and is presented by David Feddes, former speaker for "The Back to God Hour" for 16 years  

Feddes will address issues related to criminal and restorative justice. The programs will specifically include messages about being a friend of the poor, being a servant, and why people join gangs.

Schuringa says he feels called to educate the church on such issues because "God came to us as poor and needy sinners and rescued us when we were in need. And now He says, ‘I want you to rescue people in need.' That's not just a spiritual matter of getting people to heaven. We also we have a responsibility to help them better their lives."

CBI's prayer is that this programming will help energize and motivate the church. "We believe the epicenter of the Great Commission is reaching out to people in need. We believe that if the church would focus on helping people in need, it would be so energized and such an exciting place to be all the time," said Schuringa.

Crossroad Connection will air for the first time September 9th.  As Web radio, it will be ready to download online or can be ordered on CD. They hope to get it on radio in the future as radio stations show interest.

Any stations interested in hosting "Crossroad Connection" are encouraged to contact Crossroad Bible Institute via snail-mail, phone, or e-mail.

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