Education is a dire need for children in Zambia

By November 26, 2007

Zambia (MNN) — Discord among Zambia's government parties is surrounding the draft of a new constitution. President Mwanawasa is opposed to guaranteeing such things as employment and education in Zambia where poverty is endemic. 

Mwanawasa fears that if these things are specified in the constitution, presidents will be unable to fulfill the promises, and impeachment will ensue.

No matter the outcome, Bright Hope International is committed to improving education for the children of Zambia. "A million dollars worth of educational books were given to us. The schools want these, and we want to get those distributed in Africa as soon as possible," said Craig Dyer of Bright Hope.

They refer to this as a "Relief en Route" opportunity. The textbooks will be sent to a partner in Ndola, Zambia. Schools there lack adequate supplies. Many have just a few textbooks per classroom which children must share.

The only thing Bright Hope must do now is raise the money for shipping costs. Until the costs are covered, the container is docked. It costs only one U.S. dollar to send 20 dollars worth of books.

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Dyer says they have a vision, and now's a perfect time to join them. "Very little is impacting the poorest of the poor, and it's Bright Hope's desire that we can raise up the needs of the poor, and people will use some of their gifts to minister to them. I think it's a great time of year to be engaged in those activities."   

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