Education mindset erasing poverty

By May 28, 2012

Kenya (MNN) — Can you imagine having to pick up and move four times a year? Every year?

For some, this is a reality in their immediate family. But for the people of Parkishon, a small rural community in Northern Kenya, it’s part of the culture.

The dry season in Kenya lasts from January to March and July to October. Every dry season period, the families of Parkishon pack up and go where the water is.

Unfortunately, this hurts the education for the kids in these families. Regular schooling with the constant moves is almost impossible.

Now, however, Food for the Hungry (FFH) recently released an update on their work with the community of Parkishon and how it’s been affecting the people.

When FFH entered the scene of Parkishon nine years ago, they partnered with churches, leaders, and families to better the community. Improvements included clean water, physical health, and equipping the local church to meet the people’s needs.

One other needed improvement was a strengthening of the local schools and increasing the community’s value of education.

According to FFH field colleagues in Parkishon, “God is indeed transforming the mindset of this community.”

It’s been a slow transformation, but FFH says they place great emphasis on education since poverty only continues through the generations without it. FFH sees education as one of poverty’s long-term solutions.

Because of FFH’s influence in Parkishon, the church community has been coming together now to raise money for their children’s school fees. Even in the face of drought and lack of resources, they appreciate the value of education enough to make the sacrifices for the next generation.

One case involved two young boys who were ready to re-enter high school and had excelled at the entrance exam. The church community came together and raised $625 for the boys’ education.

This was a big deal considering the average monthly income in a Parkishon household is $50. $625 represents just over a year’s wages for one household.

Pray that the Lord continues to transform this small Northern Kenyan community through the ministry of Food for the Hungry as they are the hands of feet of Christ.

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