Education now possible for MENA women

By July 11, 2018

MENA (MNN) — Our world holds more than 68 million displaced people. Many of them come from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), driven from their homes by violence and civil war.

According to UNHCR, “women and girls make up around 50 per cent of any refugee, internally displaced or stateless population.” Additionally, nearly half of the world’s refugee population is under 18 years old.

(Photo and header photo courtesy SAT-7)

If you’re a refugee mom trying to feed and shelter your family, education is probably the last thing on your mind. Unless, of course, the schooling is for your children.

“Without education, a child doesn’t really have hope for a bright future,” explains SAT-7’s Dennis Wiens. “It’s fundamental that we provide education.”

In an unexpected twist, refugee women are discovering they can participate in the classroom, too.

“Mothers who never had the privilege of education are learning to read and write by just bringing their kids and watching along with their kids, which is exciting because – as girls – they weren’t allowed education, and now they have this privilege.”

SAT-7 is a Christian satellite television ministry to the Middle East and North Africa. A few years ago, they rolled out a new education program called “My School.” It teaches refugee children the basics of Arabic, English, French, and mathematics.

“They take cameras into a classroom, film it for 90 minutes, put it on the satellite, and we can deliver — free of charge – education…to anybody who hasn’t had an education.”

Learn more about “My School” and SAT-7 Academy here.

Education programs like “My School” open doors for the Gospel. Pray for opportunity.

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