Education opens doors for a future for kids in Guatemala

By January 25, 2011

Guatemala (MNN) — According to
the Guatemalan Department of Education, roughly 30% of all Guatemalan adults
over age 15 cannot read or write. Only 22%
of children who complete the sixth grade move on to the Junior High level.

The reasons are basically
economic. Most families can't afford the
tuition for a private education, and young people are expected to support the
family after the sixth grade.  

For those who do continue on, education
for students after 6th grade is vocationally focused. Discontinuing training prevents a child from
achieving his/her potential, limiting ability to provide for themselves and
their families and to contribute positively to Guatemalan society.

AMG International has stepped in to help break
that cycle. They reaching over 1200
children with five child development centers and services. These children receive nutritious food,
education, medical care and Bible instruction in an environment in which they
can observe the Christian conduct and lifestyles of believing staff. In this way, they are also introduced to the

Having an AMG-sponsored child
stay in school brings the added blessing of continued services by the staff
they have known, and continued Bible instruction and care through the child
development center with which they have grown familiar.

AMG International is now
expanding their impact in the lives of these children by offering families a
way to help these children stay in school through their High School years.

AMG's Scholarship Fund is how it
works. This special opportunity is
available only to children who are already enrolled in an AMG sponsorship
program. Students receiving scholarship help must maintain not less than weekly
contact / attendance at AMG programs or events as a condition of continued scholarship
help. These students will continue to receive Bible instruction and tutoring at
their original AMG childcare project location.

There are currently 1,100 Middle
School children and 600 High School children who qualify for scholarship help. It will cost $35,000 to keep these kids in
school in 2011. Is there too big a price
tag to put on their future?

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