EFCA close to meeting challenge grant

By August 24, 2009

International (MNN) — As the deadline draws close for
the Evangelical Free Church Mission $200,000 Matching Grant, they are less than
$50,000 away from meeting their goal.

As of August 13, they had $152,454.

EFCA said, "Through prayer and giving, together we've come so
close to the goal–thank you! Help us reach (or surpass) the summit!"

Until August 31, every contribution will be doubled with the
grant. These funds will go to the Global Vision Partners Fund or the National
Ministries Fund.

The funds donated to Global Vision Partners will help train
and equip over 550 missionaries worldwide. Also, the funds will be used to
recruit, train and deploy new missionaries for EFCA ReachGlobal.

In addition to supporting new and current missionaries, these
funds will enable EFCA to reach out to new mission fields, as well as research
and develop areas still untouched by the Gospel all around the world.

The ministry will also be able to offer more relief aid and
support to areas touched by disasters through their TouchGlobal ministry.

In the U.S., they will use some of the funds to train local
churches in cross cultural ministries and expand and develop partnerships with
EFCA churches.

With the National Ministries Fund, EFCA's nationals
ministries will be funded all together, instead of by separate donor

"National ministries of the EFCA have long worked together
toward fulfilling our mission of multiplying healthy churches among all people,"
according to EFCA.

Donations put in this fund will help support EFCA's
Africa-American, Church Health, Church Planting, Hispanic, Student, Urban and
Holistic, Pastoral Care and Samaritan Way ministries.

To donate to EFCA's grant, click here and help them reach their

Also, pray as they receive these funds for the ministry they
will follow God's leading in where the funds will best further His kingdom.

To learn more about the ministries of EFCA and ReachGlobal,
visit efca.org.

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