Effective Scripture translation the result of mobile studios in India.

By December 12, 2006

India (MNN)–Audio Scripture Ministries says a new mobile studio is doing exactly what it’s supposed to in India.

In an earlier story, MNN shared that one translation was delayed longer term because the readers were overcome with homesickness.

The mobile studios consist of a laptop computer, an analog digital interface, a small mixing board, and a microphone. This is a big step forward in this direction as it cuts costs and travel time, not to mention the cultural adjustments that had to be made when native speakers were brought into the studio in Bangalore.

Partnered with World Cassette Outreach of India, the team took the studio to the field and recorded two new languages, Hrangkhol and Angami Naga. The team is also trying to work with Sema Naga and Karbi, two other languages, but scheduling and reader availability postponed the planned recordings.

Pray, concerning other challenges the recording teams face like noisy locations, electrical considerations, and qualified readers.

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