Effects of Cyclone Nilam still felt in India and Sri Lanka

By November 14, 2012

Sri Lanka (MNN) — Cyclone Nilam's deadly flood waters have finally started receding in the worst-hit coastal areas of India and Sri Lanka.

The storm struck at the tail end of October, followed by days of heavy rains. While urban centers have begun restoring infrastructure, there are hundreds of villages that remain water logged.

Crop damage was severe in Southern India, hundreds of homes washed away, and thousands of kilometers' worth of road were also gone. Drinking water was in short supply, and hundreds of villages are still struggling to restore power. The government set up 86 relief camps sheltering 68,000 people.

The unusually heavy rains also hit Sri Lanka. The most devastated areas are the country's western and southwestern provinces. Torrential rains also caused the Gin, Kalu, and Kelani rivers to overflow.

Damage assessments are underway around both countries. Compassion International also reported in on the impact of the storm on some of their projects.

In Sri Lanka, it seems the damages were worse. Due to washed out roads, staff members were having trouble traveling to some of the flooded areas. In addition, communications are still spotty, but their teams have been able to report that flooding affected the families of 11 children from two different Child Development Centers.

The storm also disrupted the lives of families whose children attend other Compassion-assisted centers, but more specifics weren't confirmed. However, Compassion staff provided these surviving families with emergency food, clothing and other essential items.

In India, several families from the Wesley Child Development Center suffered storm damage to their homes, however there is no additional information. Emergency food has been distributed to the families in distress.

Both of these situations have allowed the local church to respond to the crisis, with Compassion's help. Pray for the teams as they act as the hands and feet of Christ in difficult circumstances. Pray that the hope of Christ encourages the families as they recover, and ask God for more Gospel opportunities.

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