Egypt: a window for the Gospel

By February 15, 2011

Egypt (MNN) — While many fear the Muslim brotherhood could hijack Egypt's revolution, one organization says there's a spirit of hope for Christians in that predominately-Muslim nation.

President of IN Network USA Rody Rodeheaver says, "There is a rejoicing. I think there is a genuine joy on their part that [President] Mubarak has stepped down and that there is some hope for change and maybe some real freedom and a voice in the country."

According to Rodeheaver, "The focus is really on freedom. The focus isn't on Muslim/Christian persecution, and it really has been an opportunity for the church to be the church in that place."

While nobody's certain what's going to happen, Rodeheaver says they're seeing good signs. "The army is responding in a positive way to the demands of the protests." He adds, "I think lurking behind the scenes is a fear that we all have that maybe this could turn sour, and that somebody could co-op this movement."

Rodeheaver says Christians have set aside the next three days for fasting and prayer "that the revisions of the constitution will not shut out the Christians."

Despite the questions, Rodeheaver says there seems to be revival in the church. "A service that normal went for an hour, lasted 2 1/2 hours. They also see that this has given them a great opportunity to share their faith even more openly."

They're being so open that IN's national worker is taking his students from his Christian school to the local police station that was damaged to find out how they can help rebuild it.

Rodeheaver also says Christians are reaching out to help Egyptians adversely affected by the poor economy caused by the riots. "They used to be poor, and now they're extremely poor and quite destitute. So our staff is reaching out to these people and trying to provide groceries."

You can help with gifts of $50 and $100 to help purchase groceries, which will provide Christians an opportunity to share their faith with those in need.

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