Egypt under state of emergency

By February 13, 2013

Egypt (MNN) — Protestors, flames, and deadly riots have filled Egypt's streets for days.

In an effort to restore order, Mohamed Morsi, the Islamist president, announced a month-long state of emergency. A nightly curfew will also be in force for the next 30 days, affecting the provinces of Port Said, Ismailiya, and Suez.

This, in response to rising outrage as Egyptians marked the second anniversary of the fall of Hosni Mubarak. During the protests, masked men blocked trains at a central Cairo subway station, while other protestors burned tires on a main overpass in Cairo. Hundreds rallied outside the office of the country's chief prosecutor, demanding justice and retribution for protesters killed in clashes with security forces last summer.

The severe traffic problems create an issue for those who don't deem it safe enough to travel on the street, which also means people are running out of food. Their partners say this affects the children and families who were already living in poverty. The next several weeks will be critical for these families who have already been stuck in their homes for many days.

I.N. Network issued a call for help this week. This is an opportunity for those of us who have been watching these events unfold over the last 20 days to step in and make an impact by helping these people get some groceries.

The team is committed to helping local believers share the story of Jesus Christ wherever they can. I.N. Network's mission is centered on the belief that when local churches and leaders are empowered with resources, they will bring the Gospel alive in their communities.

$50-$100 gifts can go a long way toward supplying basics to the households I.N. Network assists. They‘re urging as many as can to get involved, adding that they need to respond as quickly as possible to this critical situation.

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