Egyptian Christians representing Jesus to refugees from Gaza

By December 28, 2023

Egypt (MNN) — SAT-7’s program You Are Not Alone recently interviewed a Gazan refugee family who fled to Egypt for urgent medical care for their four-year-old daughter, Kanzi. She was critically injured in a missile strike as their family moved from shelter to shelter in Gaza.

Egypt has allowed roughly 400 Palestinian refugees from Gaza to cross into the country for medical treatment.

Joe Willey with SAT-7 says, “A refugee family was trying to get out of Gaza into Egypt because their daughter had been wounded…. Her arm was amputated. She had fractures of her skull, her hip and leg. Then they finally got to go into Egypt and compassionate care was given to this young girl.”

As refugees flee into Egypt from Gaza, they are meeting Egyptian Christians offering aid and Christ’s hope.

(Screenshot courtesy of SAT-7)

“As I see the role of Egypt in this situation – and especially the Church that is, again, shining the light of the truth of God’s Word – it is reflected in the way that there is help for, say, a young girl. It is reflected in the way it is helping others who are in need. And I think it’s truly showing that the Church is making an impact in the culture of Egypt.”

SAT-7’s role is to support the Church and reach non-believers with biblical satellite television programming. Their ministry reaches countries across the Middle East and North Africa, including Egypt and the Holy Land.

Willey says, “Whether there is a conflict or whether there is peace, SAT-7 broadcast programming is making the Gospel available, it is making God’s love visible.”

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Willey encourages, “Learn from a perspective of people in the Middle East and North Africa – what the region is really like, the strength of the Church, the mission of SAT-7, [and] the programming.

“It is important to be educated. It is important to understand the world. And it is really important to understand that we have brothers and sisters in Christ who are in the Middle East and North Africa, and they they love knowing we’re praying for them.”





Header photo courtesy of Mohammed Ibrahim/Unsplash.

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