Egyptian priest dies after stabbing

By May 5, 2022

Egypt (MNN) — A Muslim fundamentalist stabbed a Coptic Orthodox priest in Alexandria, Egypt. The attack took place on April 6, and the priest later died of his wounds. Several Christians had gathered at the beach, and the priest was just leaving when the stabbing took place.

The government of Egypt condemned the violence.


George Makeen with SAT-7 says, “We addressed the stabbing by talking to different church leaders from the evangelical and from the Coptic Orthodox Church. And that was great, because it brings that sense of unity between different churches in times of difficulty.”

SAT-7 asked the question: should Christians expect to suffer, or should they fight for their rights? Makeen says, “We are not defending Christians as our own group or as a closed group. But we are defending all people to live equally and live out their rights. So I, as an Egyptian Christian, am ready to die for my faith. If I have to, I’m not going to seek it.

“But I’m not going to accept my brother being killed or persecuted for his belief.”

Egyptian Christians have enjoyed better treatment by the state since 2013, after the ousting of an Islamist president. They now have more representation in parliament. Plus, Egypt has allowed the construction of many new churches.

Religious rifts

However, many Christians remain nervous. Makeen says, “Many Christians also have this bitterness towards their fellow Muslims. They feel that they are not treated equally, that there is some discrimination.”

And the rifts go beyond Christian communities as well. Many Muslims resent the new government. Makeen says, “This Ramadan, the regime produced a documentary about how the army moved against the Muslim Brotherhood. It’s meant to make you feel like the army is the good guys, and the devil is the Islamicists.”

The propaganda created a lot of anger in the country. Ask God to heal wounds in Egypt.



The header photo shows Alexandria, Egypt. (Phot courtesy of Argenberg, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons)

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