The day after: election, angst and teaching moments

By November 9, 2016

USA (MNN) — The 2016 presidential election is in the books.  If it had been a movie, it would have been given at least a PG-13* rating.

(Image courtesy Wikipedia)

(Image courtesy Wikipedia)

The topics revealed in the public eye, along with bullying, lewd behavior and language were certainly cringe-worthy for many adults watching the 6 o’clock evening news or listening on the radio.   The cycle was exemplary, but not for good reasons…what’s more, our kids were watching and listening to the discussion.

Now that a president has been named, there’s more angst.  How adults respond to the results of the democratic process will have direct bearing on how their kids view it.

Keys For Kids’ executive director Greg Yoder says parents should take advantage of the teaching moments to help their children and teens learn and grow. “How do we talk to our kids about the election? How do we tell them how we’re going to vote? How do we tell them about how God is sovereign, even over our elections?”

Do politics and faith mix?  They do, because there’s a biblical worldview that comes into play in making a decision on choosing a leader.  He muses, “We need to make sure our kids are watching us participate in our form of government, but as Christians, our message to our kids should be, ‘Let’s make sure we’re following God’s steps and also that we’re telling them ‘God is in control’.’”

(Image courtesy Keys For Kids)

(Image courtesy Keys For Kids)

There are teaching moments, but then, there are also moments when the adult response to an acrimonious election becomes leading by example, says Yoder.  “God is using the person, or potentially, persons in our country to accomplish His plan. I think our response could be life-changing to our kids.”

What’s more, he says as we respond to the outcome of the election, whatever it happens to be, we can tell our kids, “‘God’s got a plan. He’s not surprised by it, and we just need to follow His leading.’  And maybe this is a call to Christians to be even more dynamic and share their faith.”

The repeating theme here is ‘God is in control’…but how do you recognize that unless you know God’s character?  It comes from being familiar with His Word…and familiarity comes with exposure.  That’s where Keys For Kids devotionals come in.  “As you read Scripture, you can’t help but see story after story after story about how God’s sovereign plan was played out. As we provide Keys For Kids devotionals, you get that information on a daily basis. As they’re grounded in God’s Word, they’re beginning to see God at work in their own lives.”

bibleIs that enough to counter the message from Election 2016?  The Bible is the inspired Word of God, and it is the Christian’s final authority from God.  With the idea that God’s story opens hearts, Keys For Kids wants to help kids and their families have an opportunity to respond to the hope of the Gospel.  Their vision is helping the next generation develop a daily habit of setting aside time to get connected with the Bible.  Resources include a periodical form of daily devotional, the Kindle distribution, online version, through the app, or in audio via Keys For Kids Radio.


*PG-13 rating: ‘parents strongly cautioned’, a rating in the Motion Picture Association of America ranking indicating that some material may be inappropriate for children under 13.

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