Elections are coming to D.R. Congo, pray for peace

By July 11, 2006

DR Congo (MNN) — German troops are on their way to the Democratic Republic of Congo where, together with other European forces, will police free elections scheduled for July 30.

Mission Aviation Fellowship works there. MAF’s Fran Derocher says a referendum on the nation’s constitution went well. He says, “If the elections go as the referendum went, we would see elections for the first time in a very long time. (In) talking with some of the Congolese they’re just so happy to be able to have a chance to express themselves in voting.”

While the nation prepares for elections, MAF is assisting with reconciliation efforts. Derocher says, “Our guys are supporting a team of Congolese pastors and folks that are really interested in reconciliation. And it’s really neat to see the number of people from different churches have come together and they’re going from different village to difference village trying to bring reconciliation in an area that’s just reeling from the incredible destruction and devastation that’s happened over the years.”

Roads and other transportation infrastructure are in disrepair, at best. MAF is providing the help them Congolese need. “We get them from where they are to where they want to do the next reconciliation meeting. Our guys, as well, are trying to connect with them the Jesus Film ministry. So, while they’re doing the reconciliation meeting, they can also show the Jesus Film,” adds Derocher.

The message, says Derocher, is being received well since they’re looking for anything that has a glimmer of hope.

The only thing preventing them from doing more, says Derocher, is “If we had another Cessna Caravan we could put it into service tomorrow and it would be working very hard. Because of the difficulties of the war, it’s just hard to get around.” Bible school students, medical personnel and others would all benefit from the extra plane.

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