Elephants destroy two believers’ homes

By February 28, 2008

India (MNN) — Two Christians from a Gospel for Asia church in West Bengal, India lost their homes when elephants trampled through their village.

Several other homes were destroyed as well, but, thankfully, no casualties were reported. This is no new threat because the village is located near the edge of a dense forest. In the past, roaming elephants have crushed crops just before harvest time. Residents have nowhere to go and must endure these unpredictable tragedies. 

The GFA church in West Bengal is helping the victims of the most recent elephant damage. One of the homes destroyed belonged to a widow and her two children They are staying with another family from the church. The other home also belonged to a Christian, and he has been taken in by one of the church families as well. 

The pastor, GFA missionary Mohak Etash, asks that believers pray that Christians in the village will be strengthened in their faith through this tragedy. Pray also that God will provide housing for the two GFA families and others who lost their homes.

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