End of childcare center does not mean end of ministry

By April 10, 2008

Romania (MNN) — Closing ministry outreaches can be a disheartening event. However, sometimes the impact of those ministries is an encouraging sight afterwards.

AMG International
had to close their childcare ministry in Fundata, Romania. A sponsor of a young girl from one of the poorest families in the community wanted to do something not only for her child but something that would have a powerful and positive effect on the entire community. 

She saved and saved until she was able to pay for the equipment to build a well. People no
longer have to walk so far to "fetch" water multiple times a day. A 70-year-old couple was especially grateful when the Eastern European Director Fotis Romeos visited recently. 

Ten families now have running water in their homes. At each of those homes, there is an outdoor spigot that other families nearby can access to get water. As more money comes in, they hope to add running water to more and more homes. In a farming community with 500 people, they need several more miles of pipeline. It is a grand task since the houses are wide-spread
and the pipelines must be hand dug and buried below the frost line.

Every foot of pipe costs one dollar. If you can contribute to this continued ministry
in a community who is blessed to still have AMG International's presence, go here.   

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