English camps and evangelism come together in Brazil.

By June 28, 2007

(MNN) — English has become the world's most valuable commodity in the global
marketplace. For many, speaking the
language means the difference between living in poverty or not.

ReachGlobal personnel will be in Brazil conducting an evangelistic
English camp in July. It's an
opportunity to reach about 200 teens and young adults with the Gospel.  

Camps like these provide strategic contacts for the national
church or missionary while involving North Americans in cross-culture
evangelism. Teams like these are often committed to going at least two weeks
overseas and working with missionaries and
national host church leaders.

They've used this outreach ministry in a variety of formats,
including overnight camp settings, day camps, as well as day or evening classes.
Classes have been held in public schools, host churches, ministry centers and
homes of students.

Participants receive extensive pre-field training, including
a team-training weekend where they are equipped to use the curricula developed
specifically for the ministry.

Please begin praying for God to work in the hearts of many
unchurched teens attending and for the 25-30 people from the U.S. coming to run the week-long

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