ESL training conference comes to Cornerstone

By March 13, 2014
Join Cornerstone University's ESL training conference April 5.

USA (MNN) — Fun and Interactive is how the 13th Annual Cornerstone University English as a Second Language training conference is being described.

Cornerstone University’s Dr. Michael Pasquale is organizing the April 5 event in Grand Rapids, Michigan. What is ESL training? “Very simply, it’s teaching English to those that don’t have English as their first language.”

Join Cornerstone University's ESL training conference April 5.

Join Cornerstone University’s ESL training conference April 5.

This conference, however, is not only for college students or professors. The ESL conference is for everyday people who use ESL as a ministry. “We have a passion at Cornerstone of training teachers to be effective. Whether they’re in a school setting or an informal setting like a church or community center, we want to see effective teaching. These kinds of workshops are geared toward preparing effective teachers,” says Pasquale.

This year’s conference is focused on one topic: fun and interactive pronunciation. ESL attendees have been asking for this, says Pasquale. “It’s something that their students crave. But it’s also one area most intimidating to teachers, especially if they’re not professional teachers.”

The guest speaker, Dr. Bill Acton, is known for teaching pronunciation techniques. Pasquale says, “The way to reach students who can remember [pronunciations] is through engaging their whole being, and that’s kind of the focus of this. How do you get students to have long-term retention and to be more communicative?”

By the time you’re done with the conference, Acton will cover how you can teach pronunciation in any setting.

Many churches and ministries are using ESL as a way to share Christ with internationals in the United States. Pasquale says Cornerstone’s ESL training will give you additional tools to do it better. “It’s more than just a training for me. I see it as a fellowship time–connecting and networking, especially those involved in some small programs. So, to be able to network and connect: I think that’s a great benefit.”

Pasquale says people from all over the Midwest we be attending. If you’d like to be a part of this one-day ESL training conference, click here. Early-bird registration is available through March 14. Then regular rates apply.


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