Tropical Storm Eta leaves behind destruction in Guatemala

By November 13, 2020

Guatemala (MNN) — Tropical Storm Eta triggered landslides and left a path of destruction through Central America, especially in Guatemala. The center of the storm never touched the country, but heavy rains overflowed rivers and caused mudslides, destroying or damaging villages.

Eta made landfall on the western coast of Florida yesterday after winding its way ponderously through the Caribbean. The storm comes during the most active hurricane season in recorded history, with at least 29 named tropical storms spawning in the Atlantic Ocean.

Five tropical storms at one time in the Atlantic. Picture taken September 14, 2020. (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, public domain.)

At least 200 have died throughout Central America, though the number is most likely higher. One landslide in Guatemala left 100 indigenous Mayans buried; only 8 bodies have been recovered.

AMG’s disaster relief

AMG International works in an area of Guatemala affected by the flooding. Bill Passons says “It’s already been a difficult season, trying to minister to people when you have limitations on being able to meet and just all those other requirements that COVID-19 brings. But now, these people who are already in a pretty vulnerable situation get hit by this and it just makes it an even more difficult situation.”

AMG works in several countries around the world, and whenever a disaster like this happens in a country they serve, they mobilize to help. Passons says, “What we’ve done is gone into the community that we’ve already been working in. We’ve identified about 200 families who are extremely vulnerable now because the mudslides and the water have basically eliminated their harvest of crops. That is going to put them behind for several months. We’ve identified a couple hundred families that need our help. We’re going ahead and starting getting them some support to them to meet their daily needs during this time.”

Want to help? You can donate to AMG and help with the ongoing disaster relief. Visit their website here.

Pray God will be with the people of Guatemala, and pray many Guatemalans would find hope in Jesus Christ.



The header image shows Eta on November 11. (Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain)

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