Eternal investments

By May 11, 2009

International (MNN) — Even a single dollar can do a lot for
God's kingdom. For instance, it can buy
a Bible like the one that introduced a young terrorist to the Gospel, says Joan
Zodhiates of AMG International

This young man was raised in a Communist country by the head
of a terrorist group, whom he "adored," Zodhiates said.  He learned terrorism from his father and
started a youth terrorist group to teach other youth the terrorism he had
learned. Then, after one of the group's
meetings, someone outside gave him a New Testament. 

At first the young man "paid no attention" to the New
Testament, Zodhiates said. Eventually,
however, he decided to read it. What he
read blew him away. 

"He just couldn't believe the difference between what the
Bible had to say and what he was taught by his father and his terrorist
group," Zodhiates said. 

The New Testament contained an invitation to a Bible
study.  The young man began attending the
Bible study, and eventually he was baptized.
Now, God has given him a passion to share the Gospel with his

After he was baptized, "he said, ‘I know my father
will be saved,'" Zodhiates said. "‘I
know he will be, because when I told him what had happened to me, he cried… And
now I know God is going to save millions of my people." 

Any dollar has the power to have the same impact as the
dollar that bought this man's New Testament, Zodhiates said. Like a tiny mustard seed, if you plant it, it
can grow into a great tree. Never
minimize what a dollar can do, because it can buy something with much more
eternal value than a candy bar or a cup of coffee. 

"I think in America,
we waste so much of our money that could be used to bring the
world to Christ," she said. "If everyone
who loved the Lord counted their dollars and spent them wisely, I think the
world would be a different place." 

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