Ethiopia: “Little is much when God is in it”

By April 28, 2022

Ethiopia (MNN) — An internal conflict between government and rebel forces has seen thousands die in Ethiopia, with over a million people displaced. More about that here.

The Word of God brings hope into uncertainty and despair. That’s why World Missionary Press is preparing a container full of Scripture booklets for Ethiopia.

“It will be a 40-footer with two million pieces in it, and they are ready and waiting for it,” WMP Shipping Coordinator Helen Williams says.

The Lord uses Scripture booklets to reach people like Antehneh.

(Photo courtesy of World Missionary Press)

“Nobody had ever told him about Jesus before; they were afraid to approach him because he was a bit of a hellion on the streets, and he was always in trouble. But a lady gave him a booklet and the Spirit did the rest,” Williams says.

“He accepted Jesus through that Scripture booklet.”

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Home to 117 million people, Ethiopia is a heavily Islamic country with many unreached people groups. The need may sound daunting, but God fed thousands with a few loaves and fishes. Think of all the spiritual hunger He can fill with a few Scripture booklets.

“One booklet [has] 300 verses that tell people God loves them, and that He has a way for them to have a new life, peace, and hope,” Williams says.

“That little booklet probably costs us four cents to print. By the time we’ve shipped it, the cost might be up to about five cents, and it carries an eternity of weight.”

A matching grant multiplies every gift – no matter how small. Learn more and give online here. “We appreciate every donation,” Williams says.

“We do not despise the small things, because little is much when God is in it.”



Header image depicts Suri tribesmen in Ethiopia. (Photo courtesy of Trevor Cole via Unsplash)