Ethiopian church marks new beginnings

By September 17, 2007

(MNN) — Ethiopia
is the only country still using the ancient Julian calendar. Under that system, the country marked the beginning of
the new millennium just last week (September 12). 

SIM's partner church, the Ethiopian Kale
Heywet Church,
celebrated with outreach and ministry. 
The church is using the event as a springboard for renewed church vision
and mission.

The EKHC encouraged its 7,000 congregations to contribute to
community celebrations according to their own abilities.

According to SIM, the literature department published
millennium-specific materials for the church's world-wide supporters, English
translations of some previous publications, and a newsletter for all of the
church members.

Each local church body helped develop an educational component,
and the EKHC's university and vocational colleges also incorporated in the

Existing medical project sites will expand services while
new project sites will begin with basic services such as counseling and
testing, home-based care, and orphan care.

To relieve the need for reforestation and contribute to soil
conservation, each of the six million members of the church will plant and
maintain two indigenous trees.

Most importantly, before the year is out, they are hoping
that every member of the church will make a point of sharing the Gospel with at
least one other person.

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