Evangecube becomes a tool of Rwanda’s reconciliation.

By March 18, 2005

Rwanda (MNN)–Justice is slow in coming in the 1994 Rwandan massacre.

The United Nations tribunal just this week sentenced an official to six years behind bars for his role in the genocide.

But, Rwandan officials turned to the community courts to speed up trials for the 63,000 people accused of taking part in the genocide.

It could be years before their cases are heard in conventional courts, which are trying only the leaders of the 100-day slaughter.

Rwandan officials believe the community courts will promote reconciliation by bringing together survivors and offenders.

The move shows the effort has made better progress over the last decade. Global Missions Fellowship’s Nathan Sheets just returned from an Evangecube Training in Rwanda. The work they’re doing is instrumental to reconciliation. “By going in and equipping Christians with Evangecubes, both Hutus and Tutsis, they can now go out and tell their Rwandese brothers and sisters about Christ, and the Great Reconcilor. I think that that would be the quickest and most perfectly restoring method.”

Team members were especially struck by that necessity while while staying at the Hotel des Mille Collines, the inspiration of the movie ‘Hotel Rwanda.’ Sheets says reflecting on the events that happened where they were staying brought home the urgency.

Sharing that vision was simple because the churches were already there. Sheets explains that they took complete ownership of the project. “We trained close to a thousand Rwandese with the Evangecubes. The churches went out and did evangelism after we left, the churches where we had done the training would still get their people together and go out and do evangelism. One church saw 97 people come to Christ the next day, another one 60, another one 67.”

The Evangecube goals for this year for East Africa are:

–40,800 East Africans equipped with EvangeCubes
–4 million Gospel presentations
–50 new churches planted
–2 Leadership Development Conferences
–50 New EvangeCube Trainers

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