EvangeCube helping grow the church in Afghanistan

By December 21, 2004

Afghanistan (MNN) — An evangelism tool is proving to be effective in helping the church expand in Muslim dominated Afghanistan.

E3 Partners Tom Doyle just returned from Afghanistan. “We are working with the young church there in Afghanistan. The people love the EvangeCube because 70-percent of the Afghans are illiterate. So, it’s just a great presentation of the Gospel for them. And, the church is growing and it’s healthy.”

However, Doyle says that doesn’t mean evangelism and church growth is easy. He says the Taliban is still active in Afghanistan, but their focus has shifted. “It’s not so much fighting American soldiers as it is believers Kabul and different cities through out Afghanistan. So, they’re trying to stop the church before it gets started.” He says last year six leaders in this young church were martyred by the Taliban.

While church buildings are scarce, that doesn’t mean the church is absent. “We found out there were many cell groups around the country. It’s happening in villages. It’s happened in the big cities where believers are secretly meeting together. So, you won’t see a church building, but there (are) lots of home Bible studies, cell groups, that are the new church of Afghanistan.”

Doyle says they need money to get 150,000 EvangeCubes into Afghanistan and other parts of central Asia. He says it only cost a little more than $3 to train and equip an Afghan Christian in EvangeCube evangelism. He says Afghanis are open. “(They want) to hear what the difference is between Christianity and Islam. And, this is just a great way to do it. It looks mainly like a toy, so it’s harmless and people don’t get uptight when they see it and automatically you’re in a conversation about the Lord without hardly any effort at all.”

An EvangeCube is a puzzle like picture cube that helps tell the Good News of Jesus Christ.

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