Evangecube is training Ethiopians to share the Gospel

By April 11, 2005

Ethiopia (MNN) — It’s called “The Ethiopian Call” a grassroots effort to reach all of Ethiopia with the Gospel. Pastors in this impoverished nation are receiving training from E3 Partners.

An Evangecube is a puzzle like picture cube that helps tell the story of Christ visually. Evangecube’s Tom Doyle says, “This is a wonderful group of pastors, about 1,000 of them. We’re going to work with them with the Evangecube and church planting and they’ll go off and train a disciple and hopefully each one of those pastors will be able to plant at least one church in Ethiopia this year.”

This effort isn’t limited to Ethiopia. “They’re going to start there in their ‘Jerusalem’ and move on out,” says Doyle.

Partnerships, says Doyle, are making this happen. “There’s so many quality ministries that are working together, and in missions years ago, a lot of groups didn’t even know of the other groups in the country. They didn’t have fellowship. Now, I think we’ve all realized we can’t do it alone. We need good solid partnerships.

Your gift of $6 can help place an Evangecube in the hands and train a pastor overseas. $30 a month can sponsor a pastor. Click on the highlighted link above for contact information.

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