Evangelism: an unexpected gift

By August 9, 2016

USA (MNN) — Evangelism. The word often evokes imagery of youth groups on city streets or missionaries in lands only seen in National Geographic magazines. But, it may not lead most people to think about those with mental and physical disabilities.

However, maybe it should.

A Unique Ministry

(Photo courtesy of The King's Table Ministries)

(Photo courtesy of The King’s Table Ministries)

Sally Gallagher, co-founder of The King’s Table Ministries, explains, “You know, in John 9, when Jesus was talking about the healing of the blind man… He talked about the disability and there being question about the man’s blindness and what the parents did, as far as sin-wise to cause him to be blind.

“Jesus is very clear that, through [the blind man’s] disability, God shows Himself. When you look at that and really ponder on that for a while; days sometimes I will think about that, because it’s kind of a uniqueness that we can’t just put our hands around, how God actually shows Himself to people who don’t even know that’s what He’s doing.”

Shameless Evangelism

How does this type of evangelism work? Well, for example, The King’s Table Ministries has a dance team made up of members with disabilities. Yet, these disabilities don’t keep them from worshipping or carrying out evangelism. Instead, it could be argued, it enhances them.

“I see it over and over and over again, whether it’s in the school we work in, or the group homes, or the churches, they have so much to bring and give from the spiritual aspect,” Sally says.

There’s no shame with these people. Dance team members have no shame in telling others they dance for Jesus. And as Gallagher admits, she can’t even do that.

Furthermore, all of humanity is made in God’s image. God does not use society’s value system. 1 Samuel 16:7b says, “For the Lord sees not as man sees: man looks on the outward appearance, but the Lord looks on the heart.” (ESV)

So why would those individuals with disabilities be any less capable of proclaiming God’s name? They’re not.

(Photo Courtesy The King's Table Ministries) The King's Table Ministries' dance team.

The King’s Table Ministries’ dance team. (Photo Courtesy The King’s Table Ministries)

The truth of the matter is God can use anyone at any time for the work of the kingdom, and He does.

Evangelism isn’t limited to those who are theologically or culturally inclined. It includes all of God’s people.

Still, Gallagher says their evangelism isn’t always simply proclaiming Jesus’s name. Instead, she’s seen first-hand the Gospel work in individuals’ caretakers’ lives.

When one of these men and women attend church, they’re accompanied by their caretakers. Sometimes, this is the first time these caretakers attend church or hear the Gospel, and it changes lives.

So whether evangelism is a term that makes you think of South America or a Chicago neighborhood, remember that any one of God’s children can share His love and the Gospel. Including people you might not expect.

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