Evangelism expected to abound with hidden heroes

By April 9, 2004

International (MNN) — While many Christians in the United States are pushing for missionary safety, Christians in countries opposed to the Gospel are taking a different approach.

Global Advance holds “Frontline Shepherd’s Conference” all over the world for Christian leaders. Global Advances’ David Shibley says Christians are taking risk all over the world. “I’ve met many pastors in several nations who have had to place their families in hiding at different points simply to plant churches in unreached areas and in areas where people are very hostile to the Gospel message,” says Shibley.

Global Advance is holding some 40 conferences worldwide this years. Shibley says these conferences are very important. These conferences give them the tools they need help them in evangelism.

There is concern for the safety of believers at these conferences, says Shibley. “They Lord has been very gracious to us in that all of our conferences have been safe over these last 14 years, and yet we realize that there is often an element of risk,” he says.

While much of the prayer focus is on their safety, Shibley is also praying that their vision would remain strong. He says what’s happening now in worldwide outreach is incredible. “There are now more cross cultural missionaries being deployed from non-western nations than from western nations. That’s a victory for the church around the world as the church worldwide takes ownership in the Great Commission,” says Shibley.

According to Shibley, these men are living out the resurrected Christ. He says, “This month as we celebrate the crucifixion and the resurrection of our Lord, these men are proclaiming that wonderful message and we need to get behind them with our love and our prayers and our affirmation.”

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