Evangelism fires are spreading as national pastors are trained

By December 7, 2004

International (MNN) — Pastoral training is the key ‘ingredient’ that’s needed to see the Gospel taken to the ends of the earth.

David Shibley with Global Advance says 2004 has been a great year for going into the hidden areas of the world to train national church leaders through their Frontline Shepherd’s Conferences. “We’re enormously grateful to God for the privilege of going on site to them and bringing on site training to 29,560 of these pastoral leaders in 45 conferences in 31 nations this year.”

According to Shibley, the conferences have had an incredible impact on evangelism. “Tremendous indigenous church planting movements are erupting; I would be safe in saying, daily around the world. God is doing amazing things as churches are being planted in many nations literally at record speed.” The pastors are also taking ownership in the Great Commission, sending out missionaries to areas previously unreached with the Gospel.

Global Advance plans to continue that work into 2005. Shibley says, “In the very first two months we’ll be taking Frontline Shepherd’s Conferences to Grenada, Zimbabwe, Russia, Burkina Faso, (and) Senegal.” Shibley expects to surpass last year’s record of 45 conferences in 2005, but funding is needed.

“The average cost of us bringing a pastoral leader out of his village, training him, giving him the resources he needs and then getting him back to his village, that typically costs us about $75 per pastoral lead. We believe that’s a very valuable investment.”

You can help Global Advance financially. Go to their web site, http://www.GlobalAdvance.org or send a gift of support to Global Advance, P.O. Box 742077, Dallas, TX 75374-2077

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