Evangelism in full force despite worldwide pandemic

By May 25, 2020

International (MNN) — Ministries around the world are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, but they’re not letting that stop them from getting God’s Word to those in need.

World Missionary Press (WMP) is just one organization whose humanitarian and outreach efforts have been made difficult by this pandemic. “So much of what we provide for is open evangelism, house to house and street evangelism, and in many, many countries that has come to a halt,” said Hellen Williams with WMP. “But there are opportunities even in those lockdown situations.”

Through feeding programs and distribution of other supplies, they have still been able to evangelize to those “that might not have received otherwise.”

“That’s one of the wonderful things about the Scripture booklets; they’re small, they’re just the Word of God, [and] they can slip in with these other little packets and be distributed,” she continued. “They are providing booklets and putting them in with the food and getting them into homes.”

One of the biggest issues WMP has encountered is with shipping out supplies and the limits countries put on imports during the pandemic. Williams said many ports are either closed or jammed, so openings are limited.

“We’re not going to send something out that’s just going to sit in a port. We need to be sure our consignees can get to the port, that the customs are open and can get things processed,” Williams said. “We’ve not had anything that we have not been able to follow through, that hasn’t continued down the pipeline, it’s just very, very slowly.”

According to Williams, they have supplies ready to be sent to the Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, and India. Now, they’re just waiting for openings to be able to get those materials through.

Prayer is “our major thing right now for the containers that are still en route and for those that are here and done….to go out and distributed to a world that really is in need of the hope that is in the Word of God,” Williams said. “Our people on the fields are telling us there’s a hunger for the Word, there’s an opening for the Word. People are fearful and looking for some form of help and they are looking at great opportunities to give out the Word when it gets there.

“We’re just asking the Lord to open these countries so the materials can get in because now is a good time, an extremely open time to share the Word,” she said.

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Header photo courtesy of WMP

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