Evangelism in Russia catches on with the help of the Evangecube.

By January 1, 1970

Russia (MNN)–Calling it the greatest witnessing tool they have ever seen, the Russian Baptist Union wants all pastors to know how it is key to the future of the church in Russia.

A special pastors conference is slated inJuly for training with 3,000 pastors attending. E3 Partners wants to equip all 3,000 pastors at the meeting with EvangeCube training and then send them back to equip their members.

Many pastors have not yet recognized the need for church members to be equipped to multiply the church. So far, pastors are usually the only ones doing evangelism outreach, but this trend is changing with the appearance of EvangeCube in churches.

ECI is getting unprecedented reports of women who are training other women in the church and then going to orphanages, train stations and schools to share the Gospel.

Please continue to lift up Russia in prayer and consider financially supporting this country in reaching its lost.


  • Hello: I am planning to go back to Russia in the summer of 2016 to do more Mission work. We used the evange cube on our first trip was not able to find one in their own language. Where can we find evange cubes with the Russian language on them. If you could let me know that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • Ruth Kramer says:

    Greetings, and thanks for your query–the EvangeCube doesn’t have any language printed on it–that’s what makes it so great for cross-cultural missions. If you’re looking for more, here’s the link!


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