Evangelist builds toward dream of Festival in China

By February 16, 2010

China (MNN) — Evangelist Luis Palau has invested years building
relationships in China so that one day he can go in to do an open-air festival
with the government's approval.

His son Kevin Palau calls it a
labor of love. "So far, the answer
is a polite 'No, not yet.'" Palau's efforts have gradually led to more opportunities to preach. Right now, their team is getting ready for a
March 20 campaign at the Chong Yi church in Hangzhou, a church that seats over 5,000 people. 

With a long history of friendship
with the church, the potential to reach thousands more is huge. Kevin explains, "They're hoping to use
some screens and overflow outdoors and have 20,000 people listening to the Good News. Dad would share it just like he would at a festival anywhere, with
an open opportunity to respond to the Gospel." 

Luis Palau festivals have
produced some of the largest audiences ever recorded in cities from south
Florida to South America.

Pray for open doors. Kevin urges fellow Christians: "Pray
that as Dad keeps building relationships with government officials, he would
have the chance to keep challenging them for greater freedom and to allow God's
people to worship and especially evangelize."

The way is being paved. The senior Palau co-authored a book titled,
"A Friendly Dialogue Between A Christian and An Atheist" — an idea
proposed by atheist and former spokesman for Communist China's Cabinet Zhao
Qizheng — in November 2005.

In it, he states, "My dream
would be that every Chinese person would find peace with God through
Jesus. That's my dream. We all know we're going to die, and the
interesting thing is that Jesus offers the absolute assurance of eternal life
to every sinner who repents and believes in Him."

Zhao, in response, said: "I,
too, have a dream. My dream is that the exchanges between religious believers
and non-believers will become an important part of contemporary culture. The United
States and China are both great nations. The United States is the largest
developed country in the world, and China is the largest developing country in
the world. We should make a more active effort to promote the exchanges between
the Chinese and American peoples…It should include religious dialogue and
dialogue between religious and non-religious people."

Five years later, many seeds have
been planted. Pray that they will take root
in the hope of Christ. Details
are still coming on the Chong Yi event. Click here.


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