Evangelist returns from the Philippines

By November 2, 2007

Philippines (MNN) — Dave Tippit returned recently from the
final 2007 Eternal Concepts discipleship training school. 

This one was held at Central Philippines University, which
has over 11,000 students and is located on the island of Iloilo.

Although the team typically limits the
seminars to 50 students in order for discipleship to occur, they experimented
with hosting 100 students for this particular seminar due to the extreme demand
that they encountered.

Tippit said of the experience, "In the student discipleship
program, we covered topics at a more basic level than previous training
schools, yet there was an authenticity to this particular school that was
unprecedented. Many of the students were just at beginning levels in their
pursuit of God. Many had authentic questions and hurts, but in the midst of
those questions and hurts, God's presence worked mightily."   

Lessons were taught on humility, faith, prayer, evangelism,
and an in-depth study of the Bible. During
the last several days of the school, Tippit held a seminar with over 40 of the
Christian professors at the university. 

These professors were excited about the program and
teachings that Tippit taught and facilitated, and there have been numerous
reports since then of exciting things that God has done in the lives of the
professors through these few days of spiritual training. 

Tippit will head to Angola at the beginning of 2008 to hold
another discipleship training school. Pray that the students would be confident
in God's calling.

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