Evangelist turns up the heat in England during volcanic ash crisis

By April 30, 2010

England (LPEA/MNN) — Iceland's volcano is still erupting, but at a slower pace. Its earlier tantrum could cost Europe more than three billion dollars in lost revenues. The region is beginning a slow recovery.

Despite the crisis, Evangelist Andrew Palau, son of renowned evangelist Luis Palau, turned up the heat in Southern England's challenging spiritual climate during a recent 10-day mission. “We came to start a fire in the lives of God’s people to think of their friends, pray for them faithfully, and invite them to know Jesus Christ. Ultimately our goal is to win as many people as possible to Christ.”

The harvest was ready. Andrew Palau notes, "Once there's a conversation going and they recognize a sense of humility and care and concern, the conversation quickly turns to personal things, spiritual things–questions they've been longing to ask someone."

Working alongside local churches in Tonbridge, Haywards Heath, Chesham, Horsham, Burgess Hill and Marlow, Andrew gave a clear Gospel message in every venue where the Association held events. The result? "We saw hundreds of people make decisions for the Lord. Every event was in partnership with the local churches that had come together in those towns."

Teams held unique events at a variety of venues from schools and churches to parks and even an immigration removal center at Gatwick airport. Of his time at the institution there, Palau says the people he shared Christ with “were primarily from various parts of Africa, as well as Jamaica. They will now go back to their countries radically transformed by the power of the Gospel.”

Keep praying. Discipleship is critical. There were hundreds who responded to the message of the Gospel. Palau explains that "90% of those who made a decision were brought by a friend, and then that friend stands there ready to move forward with them in discipleship and in growth. Please do pray for all those that made decisions."

The long-term impact from Palau’s mission is visible even now, said Nigel Gordon, the Palau Association’s Director of European Ministry. Already future plans are being made. “A lot of people know of Luis Palau. Andrew is one of his four sons–and a prodigal. He came to faith at 27 with a long history of drugs and alcohol. The message he preaches is personal for him, and we’ve already received invitations to return from three or four different cities and towns.

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