Evangelists are under attack in Pakistan.

By September 25, 2003

Pakistan (MNN) — Challenges abound as Christian seek to win the lost in Pakistan. An evangelistic team with Sammy Tippit Ministries was attacked this week as they were sharing the Gospel on video tape.

Evangelist Sammy Tippit says one of their ‘Digital Evangelists’ was the target. “I just received an e-mail from a guy who’s working with us. We’re showing our evangelistic meetings in Pakistan, that we held there. We’re showing them via video around the country. One of the men that was showing it was threatened an pistol whipped.”

Tippit says they’ve been able to show the video more than 20 times, and “in this next month (we’ll have) another 20 showings.” He says team members have “seen people come to Christ and lives changed.”

However, the team isn’t letting this violence stop what they’re doing. He says there’s a reason for that. “We feel that the area of Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, that whole militant area is very, very open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Tippit says they’re looking to help supply even more evangelists to do the work. He says even more support is needed. “We need people who are willing to sponsor a digital evangelists in some of the closed countries.” He says it costs about 500-dollars help do that. Tippit says there are great opportunities to share the Gospel.

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