Every Child Ministries helps whole families in Uganda

By October 19, 2022

Uganda (MNN) — Every Child Ministries Serves families and children in Uganda, Ghana, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. The ministry began in 1985 in the DRC.

Mark Luckey talks a little bit about the ministry. “We are involved with helping kids in impoverished African communities to rise up and come through that. We also help kids with albinism or other conditions that cause them to be discriminated against. Perhaps they have medical conditions, or they’re disabled.”

“We work with all of the things that put kids on the edges of society.”  

Luckey says they want to transform the lives of children so the children can, in turn, change their communities.

Family Empowerment Program

But the ministry wants to support whole families, not just one child. That led to the Family Empowerment Program. They started in Uganda, helping parents provide food and education for all their kids. It’s a two-year program. In a year, the current families will graduate and the ministry will take on ten new families. Luckey hopes to see the project grow in the future.

Many of these families can now save money and start businesses. Luckey says, “I think it was Martin Luther King who said, ‘I don’t want just to be the Good Samaritan. I want to make the Jericho road safe for everyone.’ Over the years, ECM has functioned as that good Samaritan. We spent years picking up the broken and the beaten along the road, helping them to survive, and so on.”

There’s always a need for that kind of ministry, Luckey says. “But there also is a time when you say, ‘What would happen if we fix the road, paved it, and put in lights and that security?’”

Learn more about the program or donate here. And pray many people would see Jesus’ love through this work.



Header photo courtesy of Every Child Ministries. 

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