Every nation, tribe and tongue can access God’s Word using new platform

By September 5, 2012

Int'l (MNN) — Faith Comes By Hearing VP Troy Carl says every tribe, tongue, and nation can now access the Gospel, thanks to a new digital platform. Using FCBH's Digital Bible Platform, people in every corner of the earth can access the Word of God via seven direct channels.

"The platform's designed to reach every human on Earth," Carl stated. "The reality of putting God's Word into the hands of every human on Earth, in our lifetime, is a very real possibility."

Digital channels including podcasts, mobile apps, Web streaming, widgets, and social media apps allow people to read Bible text and hear Audio Scriptures in their own language. Carl says over 38 million podcasts were downloaded to personal devices, and approximately 10 million people engaged with Scripture using the mobile phone app.

"From iPods and MP3 players to laptops and smartphones, technology has become the new 'Roman Road,'" said Carl. "And the Gospel is circling the earth on that road, in the heart languages of the world."

Who treads this path most often? Carl says they've seen high activity in hard-to-reach areas throughout the Middle East, China, and South America.

"In those parts of the world, there's a tremendous hunger, and people are listening to the Word of God at an accelerated rate," shared Carl. "It's exciting to see."

In addition to their Digital Bible Platform, FCBH provides free access to Scripture through digital playback devices. The Proclaimer, a solar-powered unit capable of declaring God's Word to groups of seven hundred or more, is used primarily to reach the world's poor and illiterate population. Over 222,000 Military BibleSticks, pocket-sized digital players loaded with the dramatized New Testament, have been distributed to troops in every branch of America's military.

FCBH utilizes a variety of tools to spread the Gospel, but the ministry's leadership insists that the Message, not the method of distribution, remains their guiding principle.

"We've gone from cassette tapes to CDs to now digital," said Jerry Jackson, FCBH founder and president. "And I'm sure there is a great new technology out there being developed that we'll be using in the future.

"That being said, our focus will always be to bring the pure Word of God–in a format people can use–to every nation, tribe and tongue."

Won't you partner with FCBH in prayer?

"Please pray for not only the funding, that we can expand and continue to grow, but we need recordings," Carl stated.

Over 1500 languages still need a New Testament translation. You can help make this possible.

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