Evolving tools. Technology and the future of AMG International.

By November 5, 2019

Int’l (MNN) – In a world of change, the message of the Gospel remains constant. However, AMG International knows that preaching methods evolve with new communication tools.

Bill Passons, COO of International Ministries with AMG International notes that rapid changes in technology necessitate changes in missions strategies.

“Truthfully it affects every aspect of an organization,” he says. “And we try to use technology and leverage technology to stretch our resources, to be better stewards, from the stuff we do in the home office all the way to the field office.”

New software, changes to social media platforms, updated audio technologies, all effect missions work.

Technology and Media Evangelism

One of the areas most impacted by technological change is media evangelism. From its start, AMG utilized media outlets to share the Gospel, but now those formats are changing.

Passions explains, “Back in the day, 50 years ago, AMG was really famous for putting newspaper ads in the newspaper and then getting a whole bunch of responses by mail, filling out and starting a correspondence that way, and eventually leading people to get engaged in a local church through those ongoing correspondence.”

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The letters were personal and answered questions each individual had about the Gospel. By the nature of the tool, the communication was deeply personal and required concerted effort. However, times have changed and while AMG still uses newspaper correspondence to answer questions about Christ, they have broadened their approach.

Keeping a Personal Connection

The reach of physical newspapers is decreasing. Now people worldwide use social media and online news sites to get information. So AMG reaches out on those platforms while still offering a tailored experience to people seeking Christ.

“Technology now has made that communication so much easier, but one of the things that can be lost is that personal connection. So [we’re] trying to figure out ways in which we can use technology, leverage technology, to deliver things more effective, in ways people want to get it and easier for them to respond, but not lose that personal connection.”

The goal of salvation and connection to the local body of Christ is the same, but AMG is updating their approach to reach more people. Passons explains that this isn’t the only area of their outreach that technology has changed, but it is an example of how the world is changing.

Same Goal, New Format

However, not everything can change. Passons emphasizes that in media outreach as in other areas, the format of Gospel presentation may be modified, but the Gospel must remain the same.

“It doesn’t really change the heart. The heart is still to be able to share the message of the good news of the Gospel and to have people hear and respond. But you have to do that in ways that actually are applicable to the times.”

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Technology continues to broaden its reach. Around the world people are becoming more and more connected through the internet. People from every walk of life and almost every community are impacted by the connectedness of technology.

For AMG this is exciting. Newspapers, online forums, and social media can go where traditional Christian workers cannot. However, the implications of far-reaching technology mean there is a lot to consider and steward wisely.

Passons asks for prayer for leadership at AMG. “We would love for people to be praying for AMG. One, that we would continue to see all the data that’s out there and see all the trends and be able to be good stewards of the relationships, the finances and the opportunities that God has placed in front of us.”

Please pray for AMG as they bring God’s Word to new places through technology. Pray that God would give their leadership wisdom as they evaluate new means of communication. Please pray also that AMG would continue to know how to bring personal touches to each conversation about Christ.

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