EXITE 2009, Marriage Camps, and the Logos ship

By June 11, 2009

International (MNN) — Grace Ministries International is geared up for several ministry opportunities this summer.

First, in Tanzania GMI held two marriage camps in May with 77 attending the first camp and over 50 in attendance for the second camp. For the 73 individuals who attended, it was the first time they had any instruction about Christian marriage. Ten women at the camps attended without their unbelieving husbands.

Then, half-way across the globe in Costa Rica, GMI is busy preparing for their teen missions program, EXITE 2009. Led by Jeremy and Andrea Clark, a team of 16 will begin pre-field orientation on July 19 at Grace Bible College in Indiana and depart for Costa Rica on July 22.

Eleven students, two Grace Bible college student leaders, and three adult leaders make up the team. The team members are from all over the U.S., including Texas, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, New York, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Each team will participate in physical work projects, as well as
evangelistic outreach opportunities, working together with missionaries
and believers from the host churches. 

In addition to these two ministries, GMI is also overjoyed to see God working in the church in Bolivia. Lilibeth Ortega, a young woman there, is interested in becoming a missionary and serving on the Logos ship.

Pray with GMI as the couples who attended the marriage conferences are back in their villages; pray that they will implement what they have learned and will be a testimony to those around them.

Pray also for the EXITE team as they prepare for ministry and leave in just over a month. Pray that they will show God’s love to the people they serve and that many will come to Christ through their witness.

And, pray for Lilibeth Ortega as she raises support and God prepares her heart for ministry on Logos.

If you would like to donate to GMI to any of these outreaches, go to their Website.

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