Expenses increase for airlift aid to the Congo

By January 22, 2004

Congo (MNN) — In the summer of 2003, thousands of armed, tribal militia invaded the Christian Hospital and village of Nyankunde, Congo. People were killed and looting of hospital equipment and homes took place. The people fled for their lives into the jungle and many are now trying to survive in refugee camps.

Since then Mission Aviation Fellowship has made several dangerous trips into Congo to bring medical and relief supplies as well as aid workers. The conditions in the camps are terrible as the refugees fight deadly diseases and exposure to the elements and appreciate any help they can. The demand is still great in both eastern and western Congo.

The costs associated with the program continues to increase. Many locations are reachable only by plane and now the pilots are facing a large number of priority flight requests. The crew is flying out of southern Uganda where it is safer and the flights can be long and expensive.
The needs are great and the pilots are still helping thousands of desperate people in Congo. So far some 1,800 Christian leaders have been rescued and without the emergency airlift flights they would likely have been hunted down and killed.

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