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Published on 14 April, 2009

Exploited women in Chad find freedom

Chad (MNN) — Central Africa has suffered much pain through the ravages of war,
tribalism and genocide, and Africa Inland Mission is seeking to be a healing presence in the region. They are currently working in Chad with women in the capital city's red light district who are trapped in a cycle of abuse, shame and sickness. Last year, these women suffered greatly as political turmoil forced them to flee.

Prayer is needed as the AIM team shares the hope of Christ and helps exploited women find the courage to leave their current way of life. Pray also that a drop-in center can be set up as a safe haven for the women.

The goals of AIM are to establish maturing churches as unreached peoples are evangelized, and to train and prepare church leaders through discipleship.

The ministries of AIM are many and varied. Whether repairing vehicles or equipment, performing medical procedures, teaching
better farming methods, or counseling exploited women, all AIM missionaries contribute in some way to
these objectives.

For over 100 years, AIM has sought to meet people's needs, validate their
worth and declare God's glory. Pray that their ministry to exploited women will result in freedom from bondage and changed lives.

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