Extremists bring Orissa violence to Jharkhand

By October 24, 2008

India (MNN) — A large
gathering of anti-Christian fanatics proclaimed their intent to bring the
Orissa persecution to their own state: Jharkhand.

"We will make our
district like Orissa," declared the extremists. Late August saw the launch of
the worst persecution against Christians in recent history, beginning in Orissa
and then spreading throughout the nation.

These claims followed
an attack on Gospel for Asia missionary Mohan Girji. Serving in Jharkhand,
Girji was severely beaten by the extremists. The fanatics also attacked a
GFA-related church and made plans to beat two other missionaries, but
thankfully those plans were not carried through. The extremists claim that a
mistranslation of a word in the Jharkhand-language Bible was the reason for
their attacks; they demand the word is fixed immediately.  

Christians in the
Jharkhand area were forced to gather in another nearby location because of the
rising tension. Believers need prayer for God's peace as attacks are
being planned against them.


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