Eyeglasses bring spiritual sight to children in Northern Africa

By December 14, 2007

Africa (MNN) — Recently, a mission team traveled to Northern Africa to help bring sight to students. 

The GAiN USA team worked in partnership with another ministry to "assemble on site, over 480 pairs of glasses for these kids and diagnose 70 eye diseases that would have been uncaught and untreated. We were able to refer those to local doctors and have an impact in the lives of these kid," said Tim Burns of Global Aid Network (GAin USA).

While there, they were also able to work with children often referred to as "moon children."  They have a rare condition that affects their pigmentation. Because of that disease, they are not able to be in contact with sunlight which also affects their eyesight. "They were able to minister to these, primarily girls as well, do eye exams for them and love on them a lot," said Burns.

Not only were they bringing physical sight, but at the same time they were bringing spiritual sight, said Burns. "In this area where we don't really have opportunity to share openly about the Gospel, they knew that these were Christians that were working with them. It was a great demonstration of just the physical representation of Christ to these people as they saw the love of Christ in action."   

Follow-up is primarily in the opportunity to return to the area after the initial outreach. Since the area they were working in is sensitive to public evangelism, Burns suggests that Christians pray about the seeds that were planted during the team's visit. Pray that "the people would remember the contact that they had with the group that went in as they saw the love of Christ demonstrated and had conversations with people."

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