Facebook helps young people reach out around the world

By December 31, 2007

USA (MNN) — Bright Hope International is currently holding a 10-day fundraiser that specifically targets younger generations.

Craig Dyer says they met with young people to figure out how to help them help the world.  "We gathered a few around us that were already engaged and had a conversation about what really motivates people, what would be exciting, what would really be a cause that people could get behind. And we came up with using Facebook."

Facebook is a social Web site that allows you to add friends and add applications such as causes. That's where Bright Hope is holding their 10-day fundraiser called Injustice Undone.

"We're asking them to join the cause number one and then secondly to contribute 10 dollars, so we've made as low as possible entry level because we want as many people as possible to be involved and then to invite their friends to come along," said Dyer.
Every day, Facebook allows you to invite 20 friends to the cause.

"People who have never been connected to Bright Hope or to helping the poor are now joining in because they've been specially invited by a good friend of theirs," Dyer said. 

Bright Hope's goal is to have 400 Facebook friends at their Injustice Undone cause. That would mean $4,000 going to those living in Africa, Asia, and Latin America on less
than a dollar a day.

Dyer said Bright Hope knows that children and young people have grown up learning that helping people is the right thing to do and they want to help. However, "often they don't
know how a Christian agency can come alongside them and really help them engage in helping. So we want to be offering one of the first opportunities for people to come and say ‘Yes, I want to help the poor in very practical ways,'" said Dyer.

Join the cause before it ends January third.

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