Faith Comes By Hearing has produced a new app

By November 19, 2012

International (MNN) — Do you find this odd: there's a Bible app for a group of people that will never hear it? Faith Comes by Hearing doesn't think so.

"Our ministry has been recording the Bible in an audio form for forty years," says Troy Carl, Vice President at FCBH. "Now, with the ability to provide video content streaming anywhere around the world, we can provide the Word of God in a video Bible format that is transforming lives."

Faith Comes by Hearing has produced a Mobile App called Deaf "We believe that there are about 300 million deaf people in the world," says Carl. "But those we know that speak sign language, that have the ability to use sign, [number] about 70 million"

From the 70 million that use sign, only about 2% of that group have ever heard the Gospel. "This is a very unique opportunity to reach a group of people that, for the most part, have been forgotten," Cark explains.

A common misconception within the hearing community is that there is a single, universal sign language, but in reality, there are 200-400 different types of sign languages around the world.

Currently, the deaf Bible app uses the American Sign Language version. Troy says, " Just recently, we have received permission to add 14 more languages which we'll do in just a couple of months."

Carl sees a bright future for this new app. "In the next couple of years, we should see dramatic increase in the availability of Scripture for the deaf community in all those languages."

As with all of the ministry's online digital resources, the Deaf app is–and will remain–free of charge. Producing the app is not an inexpensive task, though. They have already put millions into the project, and with the added languages, the cost will continue to rise.

Carl and his team are trusting God. "We definitely need support, but as I tell my team, there is nothing money and people can't do, especially when the Lord gives us the vision."

To find out how you can help, click here. Pray that this app will reach the unreached. Ask God to continue to provide funds for this app.

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