Languages added to Deaf Bible 2.0

By April 1, 2014
Deaf Bible 2.0 (Image by Faith Comes by Hearing

Deaf Bible 2.0 (Image by Faith Comes by Hearing)

International (MNN) — When you think of unreached people groups, you think third world countries and remote villages, right? Would it surprise you, then, to know one of the largest unreached people groups in the world exists in every country? This group is the deaf community.

Faith Comes by Hearing wants to reach all peoples of all languages with the Gospel in audio. One way they have done this is through their app. Upon entering the app world with one of the best audio Bible apps in existence, Faith Comes by Hearing never dreamed of working with a group of people who can’t hear. But God’s calling was sure, and FCBH has released one of the most popular apps for the deaf: Deaf Bible app.

Bill Lohr of FCBH says, “There’s so little for the deaf in the entire world–one of the most unreached people groups in the entire world. About 2% of the deaf, we believe, have ever had access or seen or heard about the Gospel.”

With the success of Deaf Bible, FCBH is working on a new version of the app. Lohr says, “What’s really exciting for us now is that we have actually brought in 10 new sign languages that we are adding to the app, and those will now be available soon.”

Deaf Bible 2.0 will include Bolivian, Burundi, Colombian, Ethiopian, French, Ghanaian, Kenyan, Kerelan (India), Tanzanian, and Ugandan. “All of those will be available on the app so that people in those countries, once they find this and get the availability, can start watching God’s Word in their own heart language,” says Lohr. FCBH estimates that the app has a potential of reaching 7.2 million people with the Gospel.

This work has been in cooperation with DOOR International and many other partners. DOOR (Deaf Opportunity OutReach) is an organization that focuses on deaf evangelism, church planting, and fellowship.

With the new Deaf Bible app, Lohr says that users can now “watch God’s Word rather than listen to God’s Word as we normally do with our audio Bibles. And they can interact and do the same things that our other apps do.”

Maybe you know someone who is deaf or plugged into a deaf community. Maybe your church has an outreach. Could you help spread the word? The and Deaf Bible apps are both free, and you can find them through this link.

Regarding people who desire to help,┬áLohr says: “We appreciate their prayer that we will continue to get more languages recorded both in audio and in sign languages because we are looking to do that in both cases. Please pray for other partners from around the world who may already have video in deaf sign languages in their country to come alongside of us to allow us to use that content and put it up on Deaf Bible app.”

Also, pray that more people will become aware of and have access to the Deaf Bible.


  • Shirley says:

    I’m so thankful for this link today! I’ve been in an ASL class for awhile and have some deaf neighbors, the wife is teaching the class! I’m not sure they even know about this app, so I’ll be sharing it!
    Thank you so much!

  • stephanie says:

    Lord why can’t your people come to the place in our faith where we can do as u did and lay hands of your children and what they are in need of will be added unto them? Hearing or sight or speech these all belong to your children of god give us the faith once again to be able to reach and minister to your children through the gifts of the spirit once again….in Jesus name

  • Pam says:

    God bless you and thank you for reporting this fact. Most of my Christian friends, otherwise sensitive and caring, but who do not understand. Ministry to deaf populations MUST be done through culturally-sensitive means, rather than trying to use approaches more suited to people who can hear. DOOR is a wonderful ministry which understands this reality, and I am thankful you are working with them!

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