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By September 2, 2016

USA (MNN) – Family Christian, as an organization, desires to create impactful change in this world. One way it recently did this was through the company’s food packing event with Feed the Hunger. Curt Andrews with Family Christian shares;

Feeding Grand Rapids

“Family Christian is based in Grand Rapids, MI, and we raised seven-thousand-dollars to go ahead and pack twenty-five-thousand meals at our corporate office. We brought in our partners, and our family, and our corporate staff, and their families to pack this. It was an awesome event,” Andrews says.

(Photo Courtesy Family Christian)

(Photo Courtesy Family Christian)

Family Christian uses its proceeds to make sure it helps local communities and ministries both in the United States and globally. Through helping support these numerous communities and ministries, Family Christian is also helping spread the Gospel.

It’s exactly why Family Christian teamed up with Feed the Hunger to physically and spiritually meet the needs of the Grand Rapids community.

“Locally, we’re giving hope and we’re giving those kids who don’t have the opportunity to get the nourishment they need to continue to grow physically. Also, the ability to hear the word and get introduced to our Lord and savior,” Andrews explains.

“Or, we continue to advance their relationship with their relationship with our Lord and savior through not only the feeding, but also the local pastors, and the local churches, the local communities that are making sure that that word is being reached, and discipled to them.”

For Andrews, it’s amazing seeing how and 8-year-old and an 80-year-old could work beside each other at an event like theirs, both for the sake of the Gospel, and to make a physical and spiritual impact on others’ lives.

Pack Some Meals

And, you can do the same! Feed the Hunger works by volunteers raising the funds for the food costs and providing the labor to pack it. It can be as simple as bringing a church or a classroom together for a day of fun competition, with the end goal of making a difference.

(Photo Courtesy Family Christian via Facebook)

(Photo Courtesy Family Christian via Facebook)

Then, Feed the Hungry takes the meals and gives them away in various communities, while also having a chance to share the Gospel.

Thanks to Family Christian, Feed the Hungry is getting this chance to help in Grand Rapids.

So will you pray? Pray for God’s word to go out and transform lives, for these meals to provide the nutrients so many people need, and pray for hearts to be open to receiving the Gospel in Grand Rapids.

And remember, each time products are bought from a Family Christian store, consumers are helping Family Christian to touch communities for Christ through mission trips and events, just like this one.

Want to start your own packing event? Then join here!

Also, find out more about Family Christian’s food packing event HERE!

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