Family Christian shares another way to do missions

By April 17, 2015
(Graphic courtesy of LuMaxArt via Flickr) cc2.0

(Graphic courtesy of LuMaxArt via Flickr) cc2.0

Guatemala (MNN) — For the past few days, we’ve been telling you what God is doing in Chichicastenago, Guatemala through Family Christian Stores and Pray America. (Story 1, Story 2)

Today, it’s time to find out where YOU fit in. If you’ve always wanted to get involved in missions, but could never go on a mission trip, here’s your chance.

Family Christian is helping Pray America fill a new warehouse in Guatemala with food supplies. Those supplies will be used in Pray America’s feeding programs, where at-risk widows and orphans get to hear the Gospel — often for the first time.

Family Christian’s Steve Biondo says they need your help to fill the warehouse by Christmas.

“It’s really the Body of Christ all doing the part that God has called them to,” shares Biondo.

“Donations from guests: we can aggregate those and then deliver them to a faith-based ministry who is making a difference in the lives of the Kiche Mayans, feeding them–both physically and spiritually–for the sake of the Kingdom.”

Family Christian and Pray America

Family Christian has been supporting Pray America’s ministry in “ChiChi” for the past eight years.

“We fell in love with what Pray America is doing, and what God is doing through Pray America,” Biondo states.

(Logo courtesy of Family Christian)

(Logo courtesy of Family Christian)

Along with financially supporting the ministry, Family Christian sends short-term mission teams to Guatemala.

“Our employees from across the country will go down and spend a week with Pray America: building homes, participating in the feeding programs, building latrines, putting in fuel-efficient, wood-burning cook stoves,” says Biondo.

This fall, Family Christian is hoping to raise $175,000 in support of Pray America’s feeding programs and new “bodega” (warehouse) ministry.

“When you come and shop with us, you also have the opportunity to put your faith into action,” Biondo says.

Learn how it all works.

Partner with the people of ChiChi

(Photo courtesy of Family Christian/Nik DeGraf)

(Photo courtesy of Family Christian/Nik DeGraf)

Family Christian’s financial help will allow Pray America to fill their new warehouse with food stocks like rice, corn, beans, salt, and more. It’s more than storing food for Pray America’s existing feeding programs, though.

The bodega and additional food supplies will make it possible for Pray America to expand their program: instead of just feeding kids, the ministry can now serve entire families.

Until the campaign begins, there are a couple of ways you can make a difference.

“Churches should think about sending mission teams down to work with Pray America,” Biondo suggests. “They have a phenomenal short-term mission program; the team has built a beautiful campus.”

Connect with Pray America here.

You “can [also] become the hands and feet of Jesus Christ through Pray America by making small donations,” adds Biondo.

“The small donations add up, and then we deliver that as a powerful contribution. We would love to see small donations made–$10, $15, $25–to help with the procurement of the product.”

Give a gift through Family Christian by shopping online!

Follow Family Christian’s blog and Facebook feed to find out when their Pray America giving campaign begins.

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