Family conference will inspire pastors in India

By January 12, 2009

India (MNN) — While Christians have faced unprecedented amounts of violence across India, more than 400 pastors and their wives will be gathering in the state of Tamil Nadu.

Founder and President of Serve India Ministries Ebenezer Samuel says the family conference to be held February 14 and 15 will focus on prayer. "We'll be praying for the state of Tamil Nadu, the country of India, and brothers and sisters in Orissa. I'm going to be speaking, encouraging pastors and their wives to give themselves more aggressively and sacrificially to the cause of the Gospel."

While persecution is on the minds of believers there, Samuel says it's not stopping church growth. "Persecution in India has always advanced the cause of the Gospel. We do not expect persecution. We pray that people will be protected, but in the sovereign will of God we've always seen the Indian church growing and experiencing revival under persecution."

While persecution has killed hundreds of Christians and displaced many in India, Samuel says that hasn't damped their spirits. "At this point in time, I would say the mood is upbeat. All across India we pray for Orissa, but at the same time the news from Orissa is putting fire under the feet of Christians everywhere. And the missionaries working with Serve India Ministries are no exception."

Ultimately, Samuel is praying that the pastors and their wives will be blessed and desire to reach out even more boldly.

Pray that these leaders will inspire many to share the Gospel at any cost.


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